Norfolk Farm Chickens


Selected for their slow maturing growth rates, our Norfolk Farm Chickens are naturally reared for a minimum of three months in enriched free-range-environments to encourage happy and healthy living.

In addition to the natural forage sourced from the grassland, they are fed on home-milled locally grown cereal (from our neighbouring farm!) with no growth promoters or additives. Our Norfolk Farm Chickens achieve oven-ready weights ranging between 2kg – 3kgs and are a flavoursome healthy meat option. They are dry plucked by hand to create a traditional finish and are perfect for any family Sunday roast or special occasion.


OUR Turkeys

With a striking black plumage, we believe our fresh Norfolk Black Turkeys are tastier than any other you will ever have the pleasure to roast. Originating in North America, Norfolk Black Turkeys were introduced into Europe in the 16th Century by Spanish explorer Pedro Nino. Considered the oldest turkey breed in Britain, Norfolk Black Turkeys became recognised as a premier breed in East Anglia. During the 17th Century, they were driven in flocks from Norfolk to be sold in London with their feet tarred and wrapped in hessian to protect them during their epic journey. Today, Norfolk Black Turkeys have gained in popularity and are promoted by famous chefs including Delia Smith, Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver. 

health and WELFARE

To ensure our chickens and turkeys maintain optimum health status, we take great pride in providing a suitably enriched environment. Not only does this allow them to exhibit naturally inquisitive behaviours, but it also increases their activity levels and generally promotes good health. Our poultry roam daily on grassland and rummage amongst natural habitat, whilst at night they are protected from predators in deep straw bedded barns.